Melissa Ellsworth – Mama Makes Her Mark

Melissa Ellsworth – Mama Makes Her Mark

Melissa Ellsworth – Mama Makes Her Mark 150 150 The Commit Campaign

The Commit Campaign is proud to have partnered with so many inspiring mothers for the Mama’s Make Their Mark project. Parenthood is an incredibly difficult yet rewarding journey. We want to honor that journey and raise awareness about a mother’s mental health through these series of pictures and blog post.

Below is Melissa Ellsworth’s extended pledge.

“I commit to being true to myself and my parenting style. I know that not everyone may agree with me but I believe what I am doing is the best for my family and myself.
Everyone has their own way of raising their baby. Before I delivered I had in my head how everything was supposed to go how recovery would go how my first month and so forth would be amazing … I had heard about women getting PPD but thought not me that won’t happen.. day two of having Maddux “I can’t breastfeed I don’t feel a connection at all”
End of 2nd week “ I can’t do this I have no idea what I’m doing”
During first month in my head had so much anxiety about breastfeeding “is he getting enough , how do I know if he’s happy, do I feed him more…?”
2nd month hit and had thoughts of “did I really want to have a baby now and quit my full time job”
I deep down didn’t want to breastfeed but kept hearing all these other moms doing it and felt like I would be judged if I quit!” My mind was making me physically sick and was effecting my eating.. I ended up having panic attacks when leaving the house it was awful..
Things weren’t perfect – I wasn’t perfect – things went way different than I thought … what got me through those times though was my husband, my sisters my family.
Not everyone has that support team though.. what I’m trying to say is commit to being You . Reach out to those around you , you are not alone. I am beyond happy and love my baby boy and husband more than anything. 💕💕💕

Pictures: Amaes Photography

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If you or someone you know is in need of postpartum support you can call this number: 1-800-944-4PPD (4773 ). English and Spanish lines are available.

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

If you want to share your story you can visit the ‘Share your Story‘ section under our Blog tab on our website.  By giving your testimony you can help to create a larger network of those that have experienced mental health issues, mental illness or suicide loss.